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Sunday, March 22, 2009


we call him monkey boy!! lol, and when he is running, winged monkey boy! because his face looks like a monkey! and his hair when he runs, parts weard, and looks like a bird! lol its funny! its cool with it though! lol.
go andrew! and monkey boy! tyler.. i didn't want to know.. but i do.. he had to go potty..
feel better tyler?
jake! yummy!! i want some!
hehe! frankinstine's monster's twin!
this is one of my fav. pics!! look at his toung!! it looks like a snake toung!!!
angles are all around us!! well.. him! lol
the made a fortris of stands all around them, so i took a picture of it! lol
tyler in the saxaphone room, inside a locker! hi tyler!
close up on his face!! awsom!!
go drew!!
woot woot!! go cougars!! lol, i took this right when he turned around,the flash saprised him,and it ended up looking like he was about to punch me! awsom!!
see? peacefull alix!!
alex!! TYLER!!!!(best buddie ever!!) and hm.. JAMIE!!

tyler and me! best friends ever! lol. but.. what is his hand doing on me?!? lolut oh! this is were we got introuble! we saposivly weren't sapost be be in the side room with the door closed, and the lights of.. lol we where just talking and takin a couple pictures.

i'm getting you tyler! pay back time for before!! hehe

tyler! LATU! and jake! lol fun!
TYLER! his real eye is brownish hazzle, but the flash, and me moving it, made it blue! awsom!!

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